Fagerlund & Aho

Fagerlund & Aho bassoon works

Fagerlund & Aho

Fagerlund Bassoon Concerto, ‘Mana’; Woodlands
Aho Bassoon Concerto; Solo V

Bram Van Sambeek (bassoon); Lahti Symphony Orchestra/Dima Slobodeniouk and Okko Kamu
BIS BIS2206 (hybrid CD/SACD)

Reviewed February 2017

This collection of contemporary works for the oft-neglected bassoon is a revelation. Vital new pieces by Fagerlund and Aho highlight the fire and heart of the instrument, Bram van Sambeek delivers flawless performances, the Lahti Symphony are on fire, and the sound quality is top-notch.

Audio clip: Presto from Kalevi Aho's Bassoon Concerto