Haas: Fata Morgana


Haas Fata Morgana: songs by Pavel Haas

Anita Watson, Anna Starushkevych, Nicky Spence, James Platt, Navarra Quartet; Lada Valešová (piano)
Resonus RES10183

Reviewed May 2017

This captivating collection is everything a recording should be. The brain-child of pianist-musicologist Lada Valešová, the disc celebrates the delicately enthralling songs of 20th-century Czech composer Pavel Haas (including a premiere recording, of Fata Morgana), performed with beauty and care.

Audio clip: 'Dárek z lásky' (A Lover's Gift) from Sedm písní v lidovém tónu, Op. 18 (Seven Songs in Folk Style)